Saturday: Flight time 5:30PM

Friday, July 17, 2009

We will be spending the morning hours with Lidia, Matilde and Olga. Our plan is to go to the big craft market. This particular craft market is open only on Saturdays and we have not been able to visit this in the past. So we are all looking forward to that. We'll try to post some pictures before we board the plane later in the afternoon.

Dress up time

What a surprise that Olga Novela, the nursing director at the Ministry of Health, would stop by the AIHA office just to see Lori and I. Lori and I had the pleasure of meeting Olga at the Ministry of Health in January and also on American soil during the March/April partner exchange. She came bearing gifts and helped to dress each of us in the traditional African garb: the capulauna. This gesture was so very kind and means a great deal to Lori and I. You can check out the pictures of Lori and I dressed in our capulaunas standing with our friend, Olga.

Working the Plan

Today we traveled to Romao Xavier's office, who as Lori stated in a much earlier blog, is the in-country AIHA representative. We had planned to meet most of the day to review our previously developed work plan, to revise as necessary, and to propose budgetary recommendations. We moved from a period of confusion over the actual budget to one of much greater clarity. This was a good process for all of us as we now have a better understanding related to the funding.

In the pictures above, you will find two pictures of us. At the table are seated Ana Soila (ANEMO accountant), Lidia Monjane (Executive Director), Lori and myself. Unfortunately, Romao is not in this picture as he was kind enough to take the picture. Thanks, Romao!

Return to Maputo

On Thursday, July 16, we returned to Maputo, given the luxury of traveling via ANEMO's car and making the trip back much more comfortable for the 3 of us. Though the trip took 7 hours or more, it was much quieter than the bus trip (though we liked the singing, of course) and more pleasant than our midsummer Xai-Xai trip when we had Maria with us.

The day was uneventful...we bought some local tangerines and cashews from the vendors along the way. Though we didn't stop at any hospitals, health centers or health posts - which we would have liked to have done - we struggled with our Portuguese to convince our driver to stop so we could take pictures of one of the village health centers. (Photos of vendors and one health center above) Lori

Hotel Tofo Mer

Another view of our seaside hotel where we stayed the night before going back to Maputo.

Some ANEMO Friends

ANEMO Conference attendees in Inhambane at the end of the session, Day 2.

This is a photo of the song and dance group - the group opened and ended the conference, something that was all about Africans and ANEMO, united and empowered...